i was almost late for work because i was reading this yesterday
i have been waiting for YEARS for something like this…of course i didn’t participate in the asking of questions but i got a lot of my years of curiousity and speculation with what happened with the viacom takeover etc settled
it’s so interesting to hear about what happened behind the scenes because it was all so hidden from the users

this is realTHIS IS REALLMAO

this is real

welcome to jewtown
i guess i can call this my favourite song from pokemon ruby because whenever a pokemon song pops into my head it’s always this one for some reason
i don’t even know

canalave city omg
honestly castalia city’s song is some catchy shit
i like it
opelucid gives me chills but in a beautiful sort of way


i was on a psych ward for the last 3 months and i think i came out of there with more problems than i’ve solved
for instance now i have a food hoarding problem that i didn’t have before
i have so much fucking splenda i’ve hoarded in my purse
my parents tried to stop me from using it by saying ‘we aren’t buying it anymore’ lol fuck that…if you don’t allow me to have it, i will find it and i will hoard the shit out of it
me and another girl in there also had a thing where we’d hoard condiments because the food they gave us tasted like shit and we weren’t allowed condiments but that came to an end pretty soon

i also went up in my splenda usage…i used to put 4 in a large coffee and now i put 6

i still hate myself, perhaps even more so now

thanks hospital

omg ;-;

i found old pictures of my rust rust
and holy shit was he one burly motherfucker
lady is so svelte compared to him
what a BIG dog holy shit





>has an aversion to puking
>wreckless eating is favourite youtube channel

but yeah i usually have nightly marathons of watching wreckless eating
fucking hilarious shit
so much love
best youtube channel hands down
also ashens

when logging into tumblr today i saw a picture of a dog with sunglasses on
well guess what, me and rusty did that before it was cool
bam bitch
i also had some pictures of him with numerous hats on
that dog was one stylish motherfucker

oh my god this album
this entire album makes me want to cry from the memories
i used to play it ad nauseum when i was about 11 (almost 10 fucking years ago holy fuck) and i’d sing along with all the songs while on my computer playing coke music with olivia and mark
coke music was like habbo but better
i miss it so much omg waiting in the fucking dojo after staying up all night for the main game to open
i cheated so badly on that game, i used to make tons and tons of new characters to send over stuff purchased with the free starter decibels

hearing the lyrics to the mcr songs i loved now…wow no wonder my parents thought i was fucked up

gta v

so i went on the first day and waited in a long line of prepubescent boys with fake ids to get THE BEST GAME EVER
the beautiful cars that don’t handle like boats
the cgi
the characters
the seemingly neverending missions

so far i’ve just unlocked franklin and michael but i’m really looking forward to trevor
franklin is cj 2.0 and his missions remind me so much of san andreas which is kinda why i don’t like him, he seems kinda rehashed
michael i have no problems with so far

i miss niko and roman though :( i wish they at least made an appearance so we could all go bowling
some shitty article said that niko is ‘the worst character in the series’…bull fucking shit

dat alien mission, wtf was that lmao reminds me so much of saints row

perfume needs to lay off the crack
drugs are bad mkay

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